Career categories

There are a huge number of different career paths in the space sector.

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The 10 broad categories

The UK space sector has over 45,000 roles (0.14% of the UK workforce), which support over 125,000 jobs. We have classified the different types of careers possible through 10 broad categories. These are based on results from the 2020 Space Census, the first comprehensive demographic statistics on the UK space sector.

Jobs vital to the successful running of a business or organisation.
Using a computer and writing programs for it to process data or perform calculations.
Teaching either by passing on knowledge or fostering skills development.
Applying scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and processes.
Providing medical services or goods for maintaining or improving people's health.
Law & Policy
Jobs which deal with the rules of society or government guidelines.
Planning, organising, directing, and controlling things or people.
Activities that lead to the selling of goods or services.
Studying the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world.
Jobs that don't easily fit into the other categories mentioned.

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