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Space Careers Postcards

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Guide for Parents, Carers & Teachers

Find out more about the educational research that motivated the project and how you can use the I’m a Space Person resources at home, school, or in your community to support young people to be a space person.

Career postcards

The I’m a Space Person career postcards highlight a wide range of space careers, making them relatable though personal qualities. Feel free to print out any of them, or even the entire set.

Attributes sheet

We use personal qualities to suggest suitable careers in the space sector. This sheet describes these attributes so that young people can understand what they mean and whether they identify with them.

Evaluation materials

If you are planning on using the I’m a Space Person resources in your school or community, we have developed the following simple evaluation tools for you to use alongside your activities. We’d really appreciate you passing on what you find from using these simply by filling out our simple form after your event.

More resources

Find out more about the I’m a Space Person project and download all our resources.
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